IC Manufacturers

IC Manufacturers. This segment accounts for most of the current CSP product sales and will account for much of the future sales growth. Portable computers and cellular phones drive the growth in this segment, which are heavily weighted in memory, analog, and microcontroller products. The characteristics and needs of this market segment are for CSP products that are producible in high production volumes, low cost, small form factor, and high-speed operation. The MCSP product is ideally suited for these applications because of its low cost, simple manufacturing process, and broad I/O capabilities.

Fabless Assembly

Subcontract Assemblers. This segment has similar characteristics and needs as the IC manufacturer segment. There are over 20 subcontract assemblers providing CSP services to the semiconductor industry. The primary needs of this segment are for CSP technology and low-cost substrates. Some members of this segment will be potential licensees of MCSP's products and services. Since manufacturing cost is such an important factor in growing market share, MCSP will have a significant cost advantage over competitors.

R & D

Substrate Suppliers. This market segment supplies CSP substrates to IC manufacturers and to subcontract assemblers. The primary needs of this segment are low cost, high operating performance, and ease of manufacturing. Operating performance requirements include low parasitics (R, L, C), good heat dissipation, and good CTE matching between the substrate and wafer. The MCSP product uses a glass substrate, which is low cost and has excellent CTE matching to silicon. Many competing WLCSP products use more expensive substrates (polyimide, benzocyclobutene, etc.). Since the cost of the substrate represents approximately 50% of a CSP product, the MCSP product will have a significant cost advantage.

Technology Transfer Licensees